Me - Garry FinchHi. This is me, Garry Finch. I don’t always have a camera strapped to my head, but you get the idea.

I’m middle aged…. oh bloody hell, I’m middle aged!! I was born and brought up on the South coast of the UK in West Sussex, just six miles from Brighton. I moved up to the North West in the year 2000 and now reside in Cheshire where I am happily married and a dog owner.

I have worked at many places during my career so far, and currently work at The Hut Group as the Head Of UX Development in charge of a team of around 25. I’ve been there since 2008, which is quite a while, so it can’t be a bad place to work. It has it’s ups and downs like any company, but I like it. I wouldn’t want to do the same job anywhere else. Want to come and work in my team, just send me a tweet with a url to show off your work and we’ll have a chat. Email is so 1990s.

As well as my day job, I’m also a really keen photographer, with street photography being my favourite genre. You can see some of my work, if you want, I’m not forcing you, over at my photography portfolio site. You can also buy some amazing t-shirts about street photography at a little t-shirt shop I run.


Garry Finch
Job Title
Head Of UX Development
The Hut Group

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