Malaga to Liverpool Time Lapse

I made a little video on the flight back from Malaga recently and a couple of online newspaper web sites picked it up. Which was nice. I made it using just my iPhone 6s Plus and recorded several sequences during the flight home including take off and landing. I made sure the phone was in […]

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Stuff To Watch If You Are A Front End Opper – Part 1

With a recent change in my role at The Hut Group, I wanted to put together a list of things that I think are required reading/viewing for people in my growing team. Seeing as how the web is all about sharing, I thought I’d share them with everyone. So here are a few you tube videos […]

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Wish list update

Ok, so I blogged about a few things that I would like to get in 2014. Well there have been a few updates. To start with, I bought a new camera, but it wasn’t the Fuji X-E2 that I wanted. Instead I settled for a different model in the fuji range, the X-Pro1. There was […]

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My wish list for 2014

Lots of blogs are writing about what are great gifts to buy this Christmas, but it’s getting a bit late in the day now for that so I thought I’d write a list of things that I would like in 2014 and why I would like them. I never ask for anything for Christmas or […]

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My Fujifilm x20 Digital Camera

Ok, I’m going to start off by saying this is not a technical in depth review of my Fujifilm x20. While I’m very much into photography and have been doing it and teaching it for over a decade, I’m not one of those photographers who knows all the ins and outs of the technical aspects […]

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A walk in the woods

Where I live I’m lucky enough to have some great outdoor spaces to walk the dog and plan the odd photography shoot when I get the chance. I’ve never really taken on a long term photography project before, so 2014 might just be the time to take a seasonal look at the woods around Frodsham […]

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New blog

Once again my blog is being rebuilt. I’ve used this site for several things, a blog of random stuff, a cv site, a playground for any random bit of code I want to learn but it’s never really had a purpose. So now it’s time to give it a bit of a purpose. Start a […]

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